Wesley Lowery recalling a scene in his mind when the police were yelling at photographers to back up because they didn’t want photographers documenting anything. This literally made me cry people in Ferguson are terrified for their lives. Scared of the people who are suppose to protect them.

Numb Composition


The teacher returns into the room,
with the papers in his hands,
gives the first one to her – an A.
She is not bothered,
she does not mind,
knowing it is merely
a popular opinion,
to believe it has value,
that this clean page
is merely meant for
the purpose of approval
she does not need.


I’m finally where I’m supposed to be with who I’m supposed to be with! 😊 I love him and he loves me and as long as I know I have him and he has me, I won’t have to be afraid to do anything. I didn’t know I inspired him in the way he makes his music 😊 I’ve never felt so important to anyone before. I can’t describe how happy he makes me. This is what love feels like, and letting someone love me back is scary. I know I can trust him, and I love that he trusts me. It’s scary that he’s so far away, but I know how he is with relationships, and he’s 100% committed when in one. He’s always brought out the best in me. He’s brought out things in me that no one could ever bring out in me. He motivates me. He makes me scared not to live a fun passionate life because of how he’s living his. He gives me that little push over the edge to do what I must to be happy. I know he genuinely cares for my happiness as I care for his. I’ve never regarded anyone so highly as I do him. He has dig himself deep into my heart and into my life. I don’t know who I’d be or where I’d be if I hadn’t met him. He was the best thing that god could’ve brought me.


In school I used to wish history class had included more debates. I loved debating! I loved seeing sedentary people become heated and involved! That’s something that’s hard to teach! We cannot simply teach history and then gives tests and quizzes about it after just so that students can later forget all they learned when they return home. Debate is something that gets everyone involved, and isn’t that the goal for learning? When students begin to debate, they’re getting a chance to say what they probably can’t say anywhere else without being judged too harshly. They’re also retaining more information that they speak and hear, and also get to feel the freedom of thinking and voicing freely what they think. That is what we need to be teaching. How to think freely and openly, while, also, hearing other people out to hear different opinions and sides of things. This would allow them to make decisions for themselves on things that matter to them, and not to just follow the crowd. Debate is healthy. Debate is necessary for growing minds so they can figure out what they most believe in and realize what matters most to them.

Closer and closer

The day for my best friend, the one I love, to leave to college is nearing and in a weeks time I won’t see him for months. I’m not looking forward to not seeing him as much as we used to see each other. I’m so scared. I’m scared while he’s away his feelings for me will change and I won’t be as important to him as I seem to be now. I’m scared he’ll find someone better and once again I’ll just be the best friend he tells everything to. I’m excited for him to start this new chapter in his life and I want him to be happy, because he deserves that! I just want so badly to be there to share every one of his victories by his side and smile with pride as I think to myself ’ wow, I have someone so amazing like him in my life who is also my best friend and the love of my life.’ He deserves to be with someone who makes him the happiest and who challenges him mentally and supports his crazy ideas! I want to be that person! He is the only person who has ever made me want to be the best part of myself in every way! No one is without room for perfection, but he brings out the best in me! I’m even competitive around him and I’m always experiencing new things because of him! He’s brought me out of my comfort zone! When we’re together, just the way he looks at me makes me feel beautiful, which has always been an insecurity of mine. I don’t have the all-heart consuming love that is described in books, but I do know I love him and I’d do anything for him to make him happy! Without even realizing it, he’s become the one person I will always want in my life in one way or another,and if I’m going to have a profound experience I want it to be with him! Honestly, I can’t even imagine a life without him in it. I don’t pour out my feelings to him like he does to me, but I just hope that all I’m saying about him in these words, he’s thinking the same about me.