Normal? What is normal?

Is it normal to never really feel any sort of way towards people but a pale moon in a dark sky can make my heart burst? Is that normal? What is normal? What are feelings anyways?

I’m really happy I don’t have a lot of followers on tumblr. I like the privacy of writing my feelings and thoughts without being afraid of anyone I know seeing what I write.

Me and my best friend whom I also happen to be in love with. 😞😔


I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m not the one you want. I know I’m only good as a friend for you. I know I’m alone in my feelings for you, and that you don’t feel the same for me. So why do I get so nervous and anxious whenever you want to hang out? Why do I drop everything for you, when you won’t really do the same for me? Why do I still hold onto that little shred of hope that MAYBE you’ll realize it’s been me you’ve loved all along? Why do I feel so hopeless yet still have some left? I’m scared to indulge these feelings. I don’t want to end up being bitter towards you in the end when it’s not me you want. I don’t know what to do.



Taken with my iPhone.

holy shit that’s insane


this is so important 

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